Truphonic Recording Studios | The Royal Tinfoil – “Feed These Demons”
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The Royal Tinfoil – “Feed These Demons”

The Royal Tinfoil - Charleston, SC

The Royal Tinfoil – Charleston, SC

The Royal Tinfoil’s “Feed The Demons” is a roller coaster ride through a gypsy camp meeting turned whisky soaked musical brawl. Simply stunning. Lilly and Mackie are like ghosts from some old forbidden Honkytonk that rocked the south back in the 20s ,who’ve come back to save us from our modern musical boredom. Buy this album while you can before it’s released in 2015 so you can prove to your children one day that you were actually there. The Low Country’s best kept secret is about to be known all over the music world.

Congratulations to TRTF and all of the Truphonic team…Elliott Elsey, MJ Fick, Ben Mossman, Larry Ford, Alex Brown, James Frolio…all the interns…and special thanks to the legendary Vlado Meller who mastered the record. Get a copy of this record…at a RTF Show of from the band. You’ll thank me later. BPF