Truphonic Studios | Facilities
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Our Facilities

Truphonic Recording is almost 3000 square feet of recording heaven, in beautiful Charleston SC, designed and built to serve serious musicians and national recording artists. With two control rooms, a large live room and even a comfortable client lounge, the Wes Lachot designed facility was also created to serve the film, TV and digital media industries.


Truphonic Studio was designed to meet the needs of  any professional recording artist starting with it’s beautiful, large and comfortable Wes Lachot designed & tuned control room. With it’s large format Icon D Control, Dangerous analog summing, Dynaudio M3a’s and world class pre’s from Neve, API, SSL , digital flexibility meets sonic fidelity on a level few studios can match. Our individual Hear Back headphones system gives each artist complete control over their personal mix, improving accuracy and musical performance.


The large live room and 3 vocal booths are almost 1000 square feet so studio A can flexibly handle even larger music groups or ensembles. Every room in the facility is completely connected with XLR, line and Cat 6 creating soundscaping and isolation producers and engineers dream about.


Tracking Room A: 26 x 22
Vocal Booth 1: 12 x 9
Vocal Booth 2: 11 x 7
Sound lock: 1: 8 x 6
Sound lock 2: 22 x 3’4”