Truphonic Recording Studios | Recording
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Recording & Mixing

Truphonic Recording is a professional recording studio built exclusively to serve recording artists and music professionals from around the world in beautiful Charleston, SC. Designed by renowned studio designer Wes Lachot, Truphonic is a two room, luxurious, private, 3000 sq/ft facility managed by Charleston native Elliott Elsey.


Truphonic is the realization of advertising executive Bruce Freshley’s decade long dream to bring a truly world class recording studio to his favorite city on earth.

Our Clients


Daryl Hall
Elise Testone
The Dead 27s
Lindsay Hollar
The Royal Tinfoil
The Archetypes
Stop Light Observations
Eddie Bush
Quentin Baxter
Charlton Singleton
Momma’s Love
Ben Fagan and The Holy City Hooligans
Tim LeVan Miller
The Shutter Dogs
Old You
Lee Barbour
Novi Novak
Ryan Bonner
Markus Helander
Sam Stringfield
Whitt Algar
Jeff Sipe
Mike Allen
Howard Dlugasch
Leah Suarez
Gino Castillo Quartet
James Justin
Neil B. Young
Joey Cox
Dirty Dave
Ryan Janeiro
RJ & Trae
James Morris
Charleston Jazz Orchestra
The Appleseed Collective
Gary Tiedemann
More Than Words
Motivated Marketing


Truphonic would not have been possible without the hard work, artistic contribution, technical genius and passion of the following people:

MJ Fick, Wes Lachot (Wes Lachot Design), Tony Brett (Brett Acoustics), Ray Tolan, Bryan Brett, Tiffany Bernard, Thom Canova, Daniel DeLorenzo, Scott Kubrin (Blue Management), Gregory Jacobs (Freshley Media), Fredrick Gerber (Gerber Construction), Jason Proctor, Chanan Cole, Paul West (Audion Consulting), Jeff Leibovich & Ryan McGuire (Vintage King), Chick Cusick (Atlanta Pro Audio), Jason Koons, Robert Williams (Sweetwater), Jason Speer (Avid), Todd Beeten (Sound Construction & Supply), Mike Floyd, J.B. Jones, William ”Billy” Wright, Justin Schaay, Graham MacDonald, David Herzenberg, Kyle Massenberg, Charles Cook, Jimmy Diggs, Max Berry, Jonathan Cohen, Demetrius Doctor, Larry Ford, Adam Jurs, Daniel Okenka, Leah Suarez and Charlton Singleton (Jazz Artists of Charleston), Lee Barbour, Vikki Matsis, Erin Trent, Ben Barbour, William Austin, Mark Mercuri, and Elise Testone.


Dreamworks SKG
CBS: “Reckless”
NBC: “Constantine”
TNT: “Falling Skies”
Honda Motor Company
Moondog Animation
Smart Post Sound
Bonanza Productions
Shine Australia
Screen Australia


Fitz & The Tantrums
Phillip Phillips
David Gray
ZZ Ward