Truphonic Recording Studios | Daryl Hall works on upcoming album at Truphonic
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Daryl Hall works on upcoming album at Truphonic


(standing L to R) Tim Church- Daryl’s assistant, Tim O’Brien- assistant, Shane Theriot- producer, guitarist, bassist, Greg Bieckengineer, programming, organ, Daryl Hall, Brian Dunne- drummer (seated) Larry Ford-assistant, Elliott Elsey- studio engineer and manager

April 25, 2016- Charleston, SC- After more than two weeks in LA’s West Lake Studios working with Benny Faccone , Daryl Hall and his band spent two weeks working on his upcoming album at Charleston’s Truphonic Recording. Charleston has become Daryl’s southern getaway and adopted home when he’s not at “ Daryl’s House” in upstate New York. Joining Daryl on this project is his longtime Nashville engineer/producer Greg Bieck. Players include guitarist/producer Shane Theriot from New Orleans, and drummer Brian Dunne from NYC, both regulars on Daryl’s very popular TV show “ Live From Daryl’s House”. It’s a good thing. The show’s popularity has fans hungry for new music from the R&B legend as millions of new fans are rediscovering his music dating back to the 1973 Hall & Oates hit “She’s Gone”. “ Live From Daryl’s House has brought dozens of recording artists together with Daryl and his band for a home style jam session that combines both artist’s hits together with food, wine and conversation. It’s as infectious and addictive as his music and most importantly, it’s brought great music into America’s living room, to be savored, shared and enjoyed by all.

About Truphonic Recording

Truphonic Recording is a professional recording studio built exclusively to serve recording artists and music professionals from around the world in beautiful Charleston, SC. Designed by renowned studio designer Wes Lachot, Truphonic is a two room, luxurious, private, 3000 sq/ft facility managed by Charleston native Elliott Elsey. Truphonic is also home to world renowned mastering engineer Vlado Meller and Vlado Meller Mastering so tracking, mixing and mastering can all be done in one facility. For more info visit: or Elliott Elsey at (843) 619-7700