Truphonic Recording Studios | Dangermuffin saves the Universe!
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Dangermuffin saves the Universe!

Dangermuffin - Songs for the Universe - 2014

Dangermuffin – “Songs for the Universe”, 2014 – Charleston, SC

Dangermuffin’s greatly anticipated new album, Songs for the Universe, releases 11/11/14. This is one to own, download and share.
Once again, Dan Lotti, Mike Sivilli and Steven Sandifer have created a dreamy, intoxicating and should record that is easy to love and dare I say approachable for even newbies to the Dangermuffin sound. Recorded at Truphonic and even mastered here by the legendary Vlado Meller, this album is the Truphonic “sound” at it’s best.
Follow the latest from Dangermuffin here:

Here are some tasty muffin to enjoy right now:

For more tastes:

Better still, Join Dangermuffin, Saturday, Nov. 8th at The Pour House in Charleston, SC for official “Songs Of THe Universe” Album Release Party!